Saturday, April 17, 2010

Roth IRAs

(Hi, again blogosphere! Why yes, it has been a looooong time since I've posted!)

Well, I just recently opened a Roth IRA an account to make a contribution before the expiration for the 2009 tax year. I opened my account at Vanguard and opted for one of their retirement target date fund accounts, Vanguard Fund Target Retirement 2050. Why? I guess that's because it seemed like the easiest choice without too much work.

I went with Vanguard over other companies for my Roth IRA because of its non-profit/co-op like status. For a financial services company, I liked the sound of that.

But for future investing, I've heard of good things with TradeKing and investments in ETFs from Vanguard. That's a little over my head yet at this point, but I will be looking to consider that route for future investments.

Any advice out there for newbie investors? What's the PF blog world's experience been?

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