Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How did you spend your stimulus?

It took a while, but I eventually did receive my economic stimulus check. While, admittedly, I am not an economist, only a citizen armed with common sense and a rudimentary education in Econ, I can't fathom that this initiative is/will be a complete panacea.

It has been interesting getting a look into how others are spending their stimuli by way of the blog-to-future book "How I Spent My Stimulus." One guy posted video of him burning his check in protest and others share how they spent there money on foreign vacations, which is likely more of a brazen act than the former.

As for me, I'm by no means passing judgment on what others do with their money, but I've decided to spend my stimulus money by supporting local businesses over time. I've put it in my HSBC account for now, but it's earmarked for future use.

Today, I went to a local co-op:
Santa Cruz-brand organic lemonade, 32 oz: $1.49
Santa Cruz-brand organic raspberry lemonade, 32 oz: $1.49
Healthnut chocolate chip cookies (not as oxymoronic as it sounds!): $2.49
Natural toothpaste (Never tried before, but I needed some anyway.): $4.59
Handmade birthday card: $3.59

Total with tax: $14.20

A bit pricey for the toothpaste and card as the other items were on sale, but not too bad, overall.

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