Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Make a $5 donation AND get the new Walkmen album-- all for FREE!

I read today earlier on Stereogum that fantastic indie rock band the Walkmen have released their new album early on digital-download site Amie Street. What's more is that the album will only set you back a mere $5 and what's better is that for every download of the album the band is partnering to donate $5 to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center "in honor of Luca Vasallo, who is seven months old and doing a great job fighting a difficult disease."

Not convinced yet? If you don't have an Amie Street account yet you can sign up via this link. I found that link in June on the Slick Deals forum. You get a free $5 to spend however you want, potentially. (As long as it still works!)

So, to recap, the steps to a free album and a free donation:

1) Sign up for Amie Street here: http://amiestreet.com/_l/cdbaby
2) Download the Walkmen album at Amie Street
3) Enjoy the new tunes and your small good deed for people fighting cancer!

I had to top-up my account with a few more bucks to purchase the Walkmen album. Listening to it now as I type-- so far, so good!

I am a music lover, but one who really still prefers buying CDs and often buys them used. For digital downloads at Amie Street, single track downloads vary in popularity but the highest price is still only 98¢ so you can find some bargains in comparison to iTunes.

P.S. Apologies for my lack of posts on this blog so far.

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