Thursday, December 4, 2008

Are you an econnoisseur?

Econnoisseur was the Urban Dictionary word of the day a couple of days ago.

Defined: One who insists on the highest quality at the lowest price.

Being an econnoisseur I bought the ten dollar chilean wine instead of the fifty dollar french.

Poor grammar and punctuation in the sample sentence aside -- remember it is Urban Dictionary, not the OED -- I am enamored with the term.

A connoisseur on a budget.

Fifty dollars for a bottle of wine is more than I can see myself spending. Ever. Heck, if the hypothetical wine purchasing were at Trader Joe's, I'd mostly likely opt for the three-buck chuck. Part of being economical as a connoisseur is spending smart. As an example, because I wouldn't classify myself as wine connoisseur, I'm happy enough with the three-buck chuck for the most part, but will branch out to some other moderately-priced wines from time to time.

I'm much more discriminating about cheeses and if I'm splashing out for some classy casual dining, I'd rather save money on the wine to make room in the budget for some nice Roquefort.

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