Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spending Smarts

I am an unabashed pun connoisseur and not very economical in my use of them. Hope that doesn't scare any of you readers off! It is cheap entertainment, remember.

This blog's title of Spending Smarts is not only a lovely alliteration, but it is also a pun.

1) First, smarts regarding spending. Smarts as in intelligence. Seems fairly obvious, no? In our consumer-crazed culture spending with some clear reasoning is an effort that usually pays off.

2) Smarts is additionally defined as a stinging pain after-effect. Spending choices certainly cause this feeling. Sometimes it's the buyer's remorse of being stuck on the bill of frivolous spending. Or in "damned if you do, damned if you don't" fashion, frugalness can also cause some "pain" in longing for something you give up in effort to save money. That pain is more superficial, but can by managed with some occasional splurges and affordable alternatives.

3) The blog title, $pending $marts, is just using and abusing the good ol' dollar sign but hopefully adds a little visual interest.

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