Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little love for Fortnum's

I recently received a jar of Christmas curd in the mail. Don't let the "curd" throw you off, it's a fruit spread, really tasty, and -- at $15 per jar -- down-right posh. But, coming from Fortnum & Mason's US mail-order service, you shouldn't except any less.

I love Fortnum's own description of the Christmas curd:
It’s the spicing that makes it Christmassy. That and the cranberries. And the being red.
Fortnum & Mason is a London department store. It's best-known for its fancy-pants food hall that is the official supplier of foodstuffs to the Queen. Gleaned from the store's Wikipedia page I also learned the fact that they invented Scotch eggs, which I happen to love! Next time I'm in London, I'll have to check out the store just for one of the original versions.

So, where's the deal?

The lovely Christmas curd? Free! On a tip from a poster at SlickDeals, I learned Fortnum & Mason were running a promo for $15 off and free shipping with no minimum. That was back in October, so it's expired now, I'm afraid.

SlickDeals only encourages rampant (and sometimes crass) consumerism, but it's useful for scoping out a great price on an electronic item or one-off deals, such as the Fortnum promo.

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